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LAST UPDATE: 4 December 2003

Sebastian Sandoval (Uruguay)
His postal address: Rio Po M-29 S-26 Lagomar Ciudad de la Costa, Codigo Postal 15000 Canelones - URUGUAY
E-mails: and

This guy put a shadow on South America and his home country of Uruguay. 


Leonardo Tessari (Italy) - nick names: Antoni Garcia, Jack Jack, Wolf88, Tex
His postal address: Via Montello n.1 35010 Trebaseleghe (PD) Italy


Leonardo Tessari is extremely dangerous character which I qualified as a new generation of computer rascals. First he created a number of false e-mail addresses and started cheating numismatists around the globe. Then when I disclosed his plot and many coin collectors understood his essence this evil man created, first, Good Traders list where he included himself and then he added Bad Traders list where he put names of many respected and trusted traders (who disclosed him). This dishonorable person is also responsible for deceiving concrete collectors (for example Ivo Shahanov from Bulgaria). Coin collectors should unite their forces to stop this chameleon.

Jose Lima (Brasil) - nick names Gerson Ademar, Hayda Doria, Victor Stoikovich
His postal address: 
Jose Lima / Hayda Doria Rua Ceara 309, d. Bela Vista, CEP 14150-000 Serrana, SP, Brasil

Jose Lima is another product of globalization and troubles it brings. He also as Tessari created a number of false addresses of the so-called references and tried to cheat collectors. Alex Ivashura from Ukraine reported that he became a victim of this guy.

Joao Silveira Junior (Brasil)
His postal address: RUA TAPES 150 - BAIRRO LARANJAL, PELOTAS - RS, 96090-760, BRASIL

Henry Fuentes Arriaza (El Salvador)

Residencial La Gloria, pasaje f-3, poligono f-4
casa # 11, Mejicanos, San Salvador, El Salvador




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