Banknotes of Belarus:

a.. 1 ROUBLE 2000 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE (front and back)
b.. 5 ROUBLES 2000 TROITSKOYE PLACE (front and back)
c.. 10 ROUBLES 2000 NATIONAL LIBRARY OF BELARUS (front and back)
d.. 20 ROUBLES 2000 NATIONAL BANK OF BELARUS (front and back)
e.. 50 ROUBLES 2000 BREST FORTRESS (front and back)
f.. 100 ROUBLES 2000 BALLET AND OPERA THEATRE (front and back)
g.. 500 ROUBLES 2000 TRADE UNION PALACE OF CULTURE (front and back)
h.. 1000 ROUBLES 2000 NATIONAL ART MUSEUM OF BELARUS (front and back)

Note: All banknotes are in crisp, uncirculated condition (as shown at the pictures) and usually are swapped for coins. Banknotes from previous series (1992-1998) can also be obtained.

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